1. Alosra Stationary formal receipt should be provided for any refund or exchange process, within maximum 14 days of purchasing date.
  2. All returned, replaced products should be as per the original packaging, and in a good condition for reselling.
  3. The products with a manufacturer’s defect (Production defects and not due to normal use) will be exchanged or refunded according to the mentioned above policy.
  4. All returns should be made at the time of delivery otherwise, bring the returned product to your nearest Alosra Stationary store.
  5. Any refund required due to cancellation or return of product when using the Credit Card Online Payment Method will be made in 7-10 business days.
  6. The time it takes for a refund due to order cancellation or return of product when using the KNET Online Payment Method will dependent on the issuing bank.
  7. Customer will receive their refund against returned items in the same form of payment made at time of original purchase. For example, if you bought items in cash you will receive your refund in cash. If Paid by card the refund will be to the same card.
  8. Full refund will be made to customers. We will not deduct any kind of transactions fees, such as Visa/MasterCard/Knet fees or processing fees, from your refund amount.