Alosra Stationary Center Co. was Established in Kuwait by Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ajmi in 1983. It initially had only one branch in Kuwait, Now It has 3 Branches in Kuwait located in:


·      Al-Osra Stationary Center Co. Branch Salwa (Tel: 25640640)

·      Al-Osra Stationary Center Co. Branch Egaila (Tel: 23843800)

·      Al-Osra Stationary Center Co. Branch Murgab (Tel: 22497970)


Alosra Stationary Center Co. deals in school and office stationary Products such as School bags . Posters , School supplies , Office Supplies , whiteboard , arts and craft materials.

Alosra Stationary Center Co. is the leading supplier in Kuwait for the following brands:

·      SIMBA

Ø Marvel


Ø Disney

Ø IPac

Ø Fusion

·      Monolith (Lamination Machines)

·      Flamingo (School and Office Supplies)

·      Carioca (Arts and Crafts)


The Head Office is located in Mangaf

Contact : 23732133

Fax :  23732122